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Danielle is a Law of Attraction Life Coach who uses universal principles to lead her clients through guided meditations.
As a speaker, she shares her own personal breakthrough transformation of where she once was to living a life, she could only dream about. Scarred by trauma and shame, living on and off the streets as a runaway teen, self-medicating for years, teenage pregnancy, living with PTSD and anxiety. She knows, she gets it, and understands how being stuck in a victimized world can be internally damaging... to scared to move forward by fear of judgement, rejection, and breaking the secret family code.
Giving her voice of courage and strength, to all those who need the empowerment to do what they need to do, to get where they need to go. Using her biggest strengths of holding her clients accountable and holding their vision, making shifts to manifest their dreams come true. Co-authoring in three forthcoming books, first one being the book “Driven” with world leading success and motivational thought leader... Brian Tracy

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Danielle Gordon, Sedona, Arizona

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