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I am a Metis writer, law of attraction life coach,and public speaker. A wife, mom, stepmom, mother in law, and grandma. Danielle Gordon

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I have recently won Editors Choice Award in a newly released book “DRIVEN” in which I was one of 17 who co authored with world- renowned Brian Tracy. Being a part of this book has brought me to Hollywood where I walked the red carpet at the
biggest summit of the year for best-selling authors and thoughtleaders and was inducted into the National Academy of Best Selling Authors..

I share my own personal story of the devastation of my mom and step-dad’s separation without a proper goodbye at the age of 10 years old and surviving a vicious assault at the age of 11 years old. Shamed into silence for protecting the family name and when acts of abuse is better left swept under the mat then to be talked about. Injustice and shame consumed me and by the age of thirteen I was running away on the streets of Vancouver, British Columbia.

The Streets in Vancouver, British Columbia, Winnipeg, Manitoba, and Whitehorse, Yukon is where I spent most of all my teen years, it is where I found comfort of keeping myself numb through self medicating... partying day after day for years. Pregnant at 16, losing custody of him when he was seven months old, broke my heart.

After 27 years, after meeting and having a one on one conversation with Dr Wayne Dyer, I knew in that moment I needed to take a stance as a survivor, I finally spoke out about my abuse.

Which brutally backfired on me and onset a whole new traumatizing experience. I was ousted by my extensively large family for them to protect my abuser. I was taken down by mass betrayal and mass grief. I seen my darkest days and cried my deepest core tears. Done with the broken heart, I screamed at god and at the universe to take me or put me on a different path of changing peoples lives.

Recently, watching Oprah’s Supersoul Sunday and hearing Oprah quote Facebook COO, Sheryl Sandberg about losing her husband... that the pain changed her in profound ways. She learnt about the depth of sadness and the brutality of loss. It spoke right to me and made total of sense of my own experience (pain changed me in profound ways. I learnt about the depth of sadness and the brutality of loss... and betrayal). I pushed so many people out of my life, as I felt so guarded from the pain. It felt like a complete melt down. If I even felt judged in any way, or talked about I pushed you out of my life.

Everyday since, I have been committed to creating the very best version of myself. I really am a breakthrough testament. A testament of dreams really do come true. Like the title of my chapter in “DRIVEN” there is life after the scar. The Power of Never Giving Up”. Today, I live a life I once could only dream about.

As a Law of Attraction Life Coach I have amazingly proving testimonies from people around the world as well as producing the results I have created in my own life. Such as the whole red carpet/celebrity experience, the selling of my mother in law’s house, and 7 weeks by the ocean in Mexico in winter of 2017.

One of the scariest things I face is public speaking but I know my story is one that needs to be told, to be heard. I know now that everything that I have ever been through all led me to exactly where I am now. Through my voice of courage, strength, and perseverance of never giving up. I am very blessed to represent survival on such an honorary level.

When I recently took that stance on the red carpet I didn’t just just take that stance for myself but was very honoured to take a stance for all the missing and murdered indigenous women and girls, all those that live with mental health, and all those that have lost their lives to suicide.

For all the times I have heard “because of you...” is such a huge gift of inspiration that keeps giving back to me. The reason why I keep doing why I do what I do #metoo

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